Developing Leadership Practice - Program Overview


Developing Leadership Practice

Course Dates:
15/10/2019 To 27/11/2019

GBP £ 5220

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Cranfield’s Developing Leadership Practice Programme explores three leadership practices using a blended and networked learning approach so that you can become the best leader you can be.

The ability to create and lead a high-performance team is crucial for executives at middle management levels to transform performance in their part of the organisation.

Developing Leadership Practice is designed to help you improve your personal performance through self-awareness and increased insight and raise levels of organizational performance through the effective leadership of individuals and teams. It helps you tackle real-world challenges by embedding new leadership practices, utilising the latest learning design and technological advances to provide a fully immersive programme to ensure your immediate and long term success.

Built on 25 years of continuous development, Cranfield’s Developing Leadership Practice programme has helped underpin Cranfield’s approach in developing world class leaders. The programme utilizes a blended learning approach, which is the approach behind Cranfield’s global top ten Financial Times ranking position (2016), as well as informed our EFMD award-winning programmes.

What you will learn

Developing Leadership Practice helps participants develop new ways to revitalise team members and inspire employee engagement by developing a fresh way of looking at performance as a leader and developing the ability to perform in a constantly pressurised environment.

By developing a broader grasp of how to lead yourself, others and organisations and exploring the dilemmas faced by leaders in a variety of creative and engaging ways, we will help you build your capabilities and develop your confidence to lead high performing teams and cross-functional initiatives. As a result your organisation will benefit from a leader who can achieve results in a resource constrained environment and improve people performance by developing confidence and resilience.

Core content

Evidence and experience tells us that leadership development cannot happen in the classroom alone. This is why The Praxis Centre for Leadership Development utilises a blended learning approach.

There are three themes:

  1. Leading self in your context
  2. Leading others in your context
  3. Leading organisations in your context

Find out more about the programme themes

Cranfield’s Developing Leadership Practice Programme combines experientially focused classroom sessions, personalised application steps, coaching via webinar for groups and video call for individuals, and supported peer-to- peer learning, to create a carefully constructed ‘Networked Learning’ executive development environment. Our expertise in this area has been honed over many years delivering senior leadership development programmes, all designed with the sole aim of ensuring maximum impact for individuals and the organisations in which they lead.

"Becoming a good leader comes from understanding the culture and context of your team and your organisation”

Jacquie Drake, Programme Director

Key Outcomes

  • Improve personal performance by increased self-awareness and impact on others.
  • Discover your personal leadership style.
  • Develop the confidence to better interpret your context and how best to lead within it.
  • Improve people performance by developing resilience, confidence and mental agility in yourself and your teams.
  • Enhance your learning and prepare for your next leadership progression.

Cranfield School of Management Executive Education

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