Cranfield & Michigan Supply Chain Strategy Workshop


Cranfield & Michigan Supply Chain Strategy Workshop

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Two of the world's leading business schools specialising in supply chain management - Cranfield School of Management and Michigan State University have launched a joint programme to enhance your organisation's supply chain strategy.

There is a growing recognition that companies no longer compete as individual's entities but rather as part of a wider supply chain. The strength of these networks is determined in large part by the quality of the relationships that connect partners across the supply chain and by the competitiveness of the business processes that underpin them.

Drawing upon the recognised expertise of Cranfield School of Management and Michigan State Universities, this 2.5 day workshop will address major global trends impacting on your business today and in the future. The workshop will provide supply chain leaders with the opportunity to discuss their specific issues with industry peers and experts.

The workshop is highly interactive and offers you the latest thinking on supply chain strategy. Participants are encouraged to apply the ideas and frameworks presented in the workshop to their own supply chains.

Case studies will be used to challenge your assumptions, stretch your thinking and too develop creative ideas for changing and improving your supply chain model.


  1. World-renowned supply chain industry speakers
      • Professor Martin Christopher's work in the field of logistics and supply chain is internationally recognised. He has published widely, including his bestselling book: Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Martin is recognised by peers as one of Europe's leading authorities on these subjects.
      • Professor David Closs is the John H. McConnell Chaired Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University. David has worked with over 100 fortune 500 corporations. He is recognised as one of the leading supply chain and logistics experts in America.
  2. Emerging trends that you must address as a supply chain leader
  3. Latest thinking and research which can be applied to your supply chain on both a local and global scale.
  4. Novel ideas from peers working across a wide range of industries
  5. An action plan that will form the basis of a highly effective supply chain strategy

What you will learn

You will gain:

  • An insight into the latest supply chain strategic trends (present and future) from Cranfield/Michigan research
  • A recognition of the strategic options available to respond to these trends
  • An opportunity to compare your own experiences with others.
  • Understanding of how to align supply chain strategy to business strategy

Your organisation will gain:

  • An opportunity to review your supply chain strategy with some of the leading supply chain experts in the world
  • The capability to ensure that your supply chain is resilient and responsive to future trends.

Core content

The programme will help you make the connection between business strategy and supply chain strategy.

A recurring theme of the workshop is that successful companies tend to have a clearly articulated value proposition which is supported by supply chain processes that are specifically tailored to ensure delivery of the proposition. What often gives those winning companies the edge is the way that those processes and the people who manage them are aligned and in tune with the overall business strategy.

Topics Covered

  • The new rules of competition. Managing the transition from functions to processes
  • The role of using a collaborative supply chain management to enhance performance
  • How to manage supply chain complexity
  • How to take advantage of key strategic trends to deliver business value
  • Supply Chain risk management and resilience
  • The megatrends that will dictate change in your supply chain for the next 10 years.


Day One:

  • The new rules of competition
    • Competing through capabilities
    • Linking supply chain processes to the value proposition
    • Managing the transition from functions to process
  • Collaborative supply chain management
    • Integration through data sharing

Day Two:

  • Managing complexity in the supply chain
  • Fifteen key strategic trends that will revolutionise the value chain
    • Past, present and future trends
    • The emerging role of supply chain professionals in the 21st Century
  • Managing risk and security in the supply chain
    • Building a resilient supply chain

Day Three:

  • Transformational Change
    • Megatrends that will dictate the next 10 years
    • Guidelines for helping to make change happen
  • Building the Supply Chain of the future.

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