Re-Engineering Policing


Re-Engineering Policing

Course Dates:
28/03/2019 To 29/03/2019
Fee includes instruction, lunch and breaks.

GBP £ 1500

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Our Re-engineering Policing programme enables executives to transform police agencies to greatly enhance performance. Delving into the management of all aspects of police operations, the programme presents the Cambridge system for giving police executives direct control over everything police do. Rejecting the last century’s industrial model of a police call centre assembly line, the programme shows participants how to balance competing priorities at all times with a single, evidence-based decision-making unit for assigning all resources.

Police around the world rely on telephone call centres to serve as the "brain" of police operations, deciding where and when to send the majority of police officers on duty at any time. This "phone-a-cop" system places effective control of police resources in the hands of under-trained and inexperienced personnel. By processing each call in isolation, that system offers little room for integrating proactive crime prevention efforts with reactive citizen contact. That system also fails to make use of modern smart phone audio and video technology, providing instant face-to-face contact between police and callers, which can save time wasted in traffic or travelling to far-flung locations.

Re-engineering Policing is a two-day programme that provides police leaders, elected officials, government Ministers, senior civil servants, manufacturers of police technologies, corporate security and safeguarding executives, police educators and police labour leaders a new plan for increasing public safety. Addressing both the policy-makers and the technicians who can implement the CAM system, this introductory programme can be supplemented by advanced classes and field visits.

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