Leading Strategic Change & Renewal


Leading Strategic Change & Renewal

Course Dates:
25/03/2021 To 26/03/2021

GBP £ 2500

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The programme aims to help you design strategic renewal and changes that will boost firms’ competitiveness and profitability. You will learn how to develop a strategic renewal plan that maps the reconfiguration of capabilities and key activities with close attention to implementation challenges. The programme consists of interactive discussions of case studies and short articles with group and individual exercises to develop a strategic change and renewal plan for a company of your choice. The programme iteratively moves between class discussion, small group brainstorming and coaching and individual work on the renewal plan. In building your renewal plan, you will benefit from inputs from your classmates and professor in multiple rounds. Thus, we will make the best of the diverse ideas and experiences in the classroom.

The programme

The programme examines how executives respond to opportunities and challenges that require significant reconfiguration of their firm’s resources and capabilities. Strategic change can be triggered when firms deepen their strategy and may need to reconfigure (create, modify, discard) their competencies. By deepening its strategy, a firm can disrupt other parts of the business model. Diversification into new product categories and geographical expansion into new markets can also quickly expose the boundaries of a successful strategy. New growth initiatives demand major changes in a company’s relationships and capabilities. Likewise, when the industry is disrupted by shifts in technology, customer preferences and competitive dynamics, significant renewal of the firm’s strategy may become the only way to survive. Strategic renewal and change are a constant necessity and reality of executives’ lives and careers in various types of organisations.


  • Understanding when strategic change or renewal is essential, and how much resource and capability reconfiguration will be needed
  • Assessing alternative paths of renewal to accomplish the reconfiguration and renewal
  • Creating a strategic renewal business plan to map the changes in value proposition, capability configuration, and key processes
  • Anticipating configurational and implementation challenges and factoring potential solutions into your plan

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