Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

Course Dates:
01/10/2020 To 02/10/2020

GBP £ 2300

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As digital technology opens new channels for communication, creating fundamental shifts in business dynamics, digital marketing is emerging as an exciting and indispensable area of marketing practice, becoming a critical enabler that ensures business strategies to succeed.

To make sense of the changing consumer landscape senior management leaders need to understand how digital marketing works to assess its strategic impact on the company and work effectively with marketing professionals to establish priorities. Choosing the right digital tools and campaign tactics to reach and engage their audience will help organisations to become more agile, more productive and accelerate revenue growth.

The programme

The marketing-focused programme - Digital Marketing - introduces both quantitative and qualitative approaches geared towards helping leaders better understand how successful firms use digital tools, techniques, and tactics to understand and interact with customers, manage marketing activities, track marketing efforts, and create values.

It has been designed to help generalist senior managers, specialist marketing professionals and entrepreneurs to develop a deep understanding of digital marketing tactics and opportunities in order to get the best results for their digital customer and organisations.


  • The effect of digital transformation on traditional marketing practice
  • Rethinking the customer journey in the digital era
  • Digital marketing framework and key elements
  • Digital platforms technology and tools
  • Search platform and optimisation strategies (SEO & SEM) for effective marketing campaigns
  • Social listening – mining customer insights
  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Improving digital content
  • Omni-channel strategy

Integrating online and offline marketing strategy

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