Digital Marketing - Live Online


Digital Marketing - Live Online

Course Dates:
19/07/2021 To 22/07/2021

GBP £ 1875

Language of Instruction:

In the current business environment, where digital technologies are redefining business models, transforming industries, and generating new customer experiences, digital marketing is increasingly central to business success.

Managing digital strategy has become critical for managers across various industries to establish distinctive strategic positionings. The programme introduces quantitative and qualitative approaches to understand how firms use digital tools, techniques, and tactics to understand and interact with customers, manage marketing activities, monitor marketing efforts, create and capture values. We will focus on two most important digital platforms: search and social and discuss the key elements of a firm’s digital marketing strategy to achieve specific business objectives, the techniques marketers need to master to make effective use of digital marketing tools, and the analytical skills to optimise the effectiveness of digital marketing activities.

The programme covers both the strategic and the technical aspects of digital marketing that enable the students to develop digital marketing strategies that are built on the proven principles of marketing strategy; have a deeper understanding of the digital technologies, tools and platforms available to marketers; evaluate and improve digital marketing effectiveness to meet specific strategic objectives; and acquire an appreciation for the possibilities created by the digital technology in the future business and marketing practice.

Cambridge Judge Business School, Executive Education

Tel : +44 (0) 1223 766816



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