Building Marketing Capabilities to Fuel Growth


Building Marketing Capabilities to Fuel Growth

Course Dates:
14/03/2019 To 15/03/2019

GBP £ 2760

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Marketing is all around you - you are exposed to marketing in almost everything you do. As a result, everyone and every organisation seem to have an intuitive understanding of what marketing is all about: marketing is about selling, advertising, and promotion. Hence, marketing is just common sense. Is this really true? Is that marketing all about? Do you really understand the marketing management process? These are the questions which we will address and debate in this programme.

Marketing is far more than just advertising and promotion; it is first and foremost a strategic analysis of the market environment, including customer, competitor, company, context and collaborator, and then strategic execution of segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Strategic marketing management is a powerful organisational process to better reach and satisfy customers while increasing profitability and productivity. It will also help a business become more innovative and better penetrate a market.

This programme deals with strategic marketing planning and analysis. Topics covered in the programme include:

  • Essence of marketing
  • Strategic marketing planning process
  • Understanding consumer needs
  • Consumer decision making: system 1 vs. system 2 model
  • Analysing competitors and company
  • Strategic segmentation and micro segmentation
  • Calculating market potential and targeting
  • Perceptual map and brand positioning
  • Emotionalising your products
  • Creating total experience
  • Value-based pricing

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