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USAID Funds Kosovan Centre for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development


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"Kosovo should create an environment for development of sustainable and competitive businesses including in major world markets and it is not something unachievable," said on Thursday the representatives of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) during the promotion of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development - CEED Kosovo.

Kosovo has become the seventh country in the Balkans with this kind of center that has started its work on Thursday through which Kosovar enterprises will be supported for creating a more favorable climate  in view of establishing sustainable and competitive businesses in the Republic of Kosovo, and abroad.

Susan Fritz, deputy chairwoman of the USAID in Kosovo, has stated that this center is of great importance of the entrepreneurship in Kosovo, which will also affect the economic growth in the country.

"The government remains a very strong partner in development of entrepreneurship, When we have worked closely with Kosovar institutions to create basis for economic growth for the future", emphasized Fritz.

She pointed that the given support to industry and businesses in Kosovo are very important factors for economic development in the future. The economic development initiatives, according to her, are based on economy market that will create employment and new investments.

"It is not easy to start a small business since it requires a lot of skills in creating new business which will compete in the international markets", said the USAID official.

However, according to her the Center for Entrepreneurship will provide to entrepreneurs knowledge and opportunities to make networking( expansion of business and cooperation with other businesses), as well as the growth of different businesses, a project that will bring an entrepreneurship culture in Kosovo. Fritz has highlighted that the USAID has supported and addresses the needs for training by giving entrepreneurs the practical tools to develop businesses and methods for improving business results.

"Even in other Balkan countries the USAID has provided training for 15 thousand entrepreneurs and managers, so hopefully the same results will be achieved in Kosovo ", she noted.

Meanwhile Nol Buzhala, an official at the Agency for Support of  Medium and Small Enterprises in the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kosovo, believes that the inauguration of CEED-Kosovo will justify its presence,certainly improving performance of entrepreneurship in Kosovo."

According to him, in Kosovo there are encouraging achievements for businesses, but there are also challenges that remain barrier in thefuture.

Although, he said, infrastructure is improving every day, always based on the European Union perspectives.

"Ministry of Trade and Industry through serious projects, by collaborating with partners, it is encouraging the creation of advanced and successful businesses",Buzhala said. He has stated that establishment of the center CEED-Kosovo, which aims to bring knowledge and better business practices, will become powerful arm in the implementation of Kosovo's strategy for learning entrepreneurship.

"There is no dilemma that entrepreneurship has direct impact with the creation of gross domestic product, and as such it has become a global important factor which should be for Kosovo as well, "he said.

MTI, in his view, strong supports this project being viewed an urgent need for creating the business cooperation and establishing medium and small competitive enterprises in Kosovo.

"We highly appreciate the work that has made USAID in the formation of this center, which we hope to play an important role and give a special contribution to entrepreneurship development and the advancement of businesses in Kosovo."Buzhala said.

He has promised that the MTI will support and coordinate activities of all actors that promote, encourage and develop entrepreneurship in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the chairman of CEED-Kosovo, Kreshnik Lleshi announced that after Kosovo, which has become the seventh country with CEED, a such center will be opened in Albania as well. The opening of these centers in countries of the region, according to him, will bigger affect in business networking and cooperation between them.

Asserting that there will be criteria in the selection of certain companies who participate in programs that CEED-Kosovo offers, Lleshi said "there would set in a criteria for the selection of entrepreneurs, because not all will have opportunities to participate in, since in the first year it is planned to take part in the program about 25 most successful enterprises".

He has specified that USAID will finance the project for three years, where companies will finance a part of training, and it is foreseen to be more long-term project.

The first activities the CEED-Kosovo are training programs for small and medium enterprises, which this year will begin training programs for Top - Class, networking and consultations for about 25 Kosovar companies and then continue training Top - Class Plus, and other activities for their support.


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