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Understanding and unlocking the potential of innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship - a webinar with MIT Sloan Executive Education's Bill Aulet


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We frequently use the buzzwords "entrepreneurship" and "innovation," but what exactly do they mean? How can innovation-driven entrepreneurship be cultivated—and can it really be taught or improved?

Watch Managing Director of The Martin (1958) Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and serial entrepreneur Bill Aulet in this webinar to better understand and explore successful examples of entrepreneurship and innovation in the global marketplace:

Bill Aulet is Faculty Director for MIT Sloan Executive Education's
Entrepreneurship Development Program

The Program's next session will be January 28 - February 2, 2018
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This program leverages MIT's culture of high-tech entrepreneurship to help entrepreneurs, corporate venturing executives, high-tech startup companies, and others involved in entrepreneurial environments learn what they need to develop ideas into successful businesses, and how to increase entrepreneurial opportunities in their corporations, institutions, and regions. 

Through lectures by senior MIT faculty, visits to high-tech startup companies, and live case studies with successful entrepreneurs, participants will be exposed to the content, context, and contacts that enable entrepreneurs to design and launch successful new ventures based on innovative technologies. Specially designed team projects give participants hands-on training and practical experience developing a business plan, while networking events bring participants together with members of MIT’s entrepreneurial community.

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MIT Sloan is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and business practice, and participants in our programs gain access to MIT’s distinctive blend of intellectual capital and practical, hands-on learning.

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