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IEDP is delighted to present this exclusive reader-only discount for the highly-rated Entrepreneurship Development Program from MIT Sloan Executive Education. Click on the link below for further details...

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson, an MIT alumnus sent the first e-mail between two computers. Tim Berners-Lee, came to MIT in 1994 to help create the World Wide Web. MIT is synonymous with innovation.

And with entrepreneurship. MIT is not only a fertile ground for brilliant ideas; living MIT graduates who have started and built for-profit companies do not qualify as a nation. However, if they did, they'd be the world's 10th largest economy, with gross revenue falling between the GDP of Russia ($2.097 trillion) and India ($1.877 trillion), according to a recent report.

MIT Sloan School of Management, Executive Education, connects global executives to MIT’s unparalleled entrepreneurial network and helps them launch and navigate the challenges of new intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial ventures.

Here is a great chance for IEDP readers to benefit:

Join MIT’s Entrepreneurship Development Program - 10% DISCOUNT OFFER

MIT Sloan Executive Education’s Entrepreneurship Development Program draws on the vast culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at MIT. This unique course introduces participants to MIT’s entrepreneurial education programs, technology transfer system, and global entrepreneurial network. It covers the entire venture creation process, from generating ideas to building viable global businesses, with a special emphasis on the nurturing roles of corporations, universities, governments, and foundations.

Entrepreneurship is a critical driver of innovation and economic growth, and as MIT President L. Rafael Reif wrote recently Our community's passion for doing, making, designing, and building is alive and growing…  it is inspiring to see the potential our alumni hold to extend MIT's power to do good for the world."

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“It’s easy to talk in clichés, but EDP is a genuinely life-changing experience. You walk into the building one person and a week later, you walk out someone altogether different: inspired, energized, and stripped of all fear. It’s not that you come out thinking that being a successful entrepreneur is easy—it’s not—but you believe that you can do it and you want to give it your best shot.” Previous participant, Paula Douglas, Account Manager, Scottish Enterprise

MIT Sloan is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and business practice, and participants in our programs gain access to MIT’s distinctive blend of intellectual capital and practical, hands-on learning.

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