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The Lazy Brain

The Brain and Organizational Performance with James Parsons


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Last week we ran the first session in our three part series on The Brain and Organizational Performance with James Parsons. These webinars present sophisticated information for LD/OD/Talent professionals and others interested in the field in a concise and easily digested format.

James Parsons gives a short-and-sharp presentation on how our brains have adapted to make executive decisions but still try to take as many short-cuts as they can to achieve actions; and so highlights the real challenges we face in trying to instil and maintain new behaviours in the workplace.

As with all our content, we believe it is in the discussions and reflections that the real understanding and learning beds in - and so we were delighted to have the 20 minute presentation followed by a 20 minute Q&A session with the webinar attendees.

To watch a full recording of Part 1 please click on the clip below.





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