Taking Mindful Breaks
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Taking Mindful Breaks

An eBook from Cranfield School of Management to help leaders improve their productivity and decision making

Wednesday 17 May 2017


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It is easy for managers to be put off by the hype around ‘mindfulness’ or to be misled by thoughts of endless ‘hippie granola’ meditation sessions. In fact, mindful leadership practices can provide everyday support for you and your team and be a real spur for improved business performance.

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The new ‘Mindful Breaks Inventory’ from Cranfield School of Management is a practical guide to improving productivity and decision making. It helps you evaluate your mental breaks and gives suggestions on how to improve them so you can recharge your and your team members’ batteries so as to return to work feeling refreshed.

Taking effective mindful breaks can create balance in your work life, protect against illness and prevent burnout. They have a positive effect on your concentration, stress and fatigue levels by enabling you to switch off and relax. Developing this learnable skill helps you step away from autopilot responses and see the context and different perspectives more clearly, enabling you and your team to make better judgement calls. Additionally, taking mindful breaks can help you discover new perspectives, be more productive, and think more creatively.

Click on DOWNLOAD THIS RESOURCE above to read the ‘Mindful Breaks Inventory’ eBook

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