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Taking Leadership Responsibility

How to develop your potential, handle promotion and get to the top


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Developing yourself as a leader is about personal fulfilment, finding a better place for yourself in the organization, and ultimately about getting to the top.

In the short video below, Roxana Barbulescu, Associate Professor at HEC Paris looks at one aspect of getting to the top – handling the promotion process.

Barbulescu, a specialist in career and mobility, describes several hurdles aspiring executives can face, particularly those around diversity “It is not only for women trying to reach the top for whom diversity is a challenge" she says. She cites three specific challenges for individuals and for organizations:

Transparency – Promotion criteria should be made transparent and clearly understood across the organization. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

Accountability – managers should be made more accountable for promotions. Instead of resorting to short cuts, promoting people that ‘fit’ a preconceived mould, they should look more widely and think more deeply.  

Career communication – regular conversations are important both for individuals to express their career aspirations and for managers to explain what is expected of them. The closer an executive gets to the top the more essential it is to have these conversations. It is never too late

Executives and senior managers aspiring to take on greater leadership responsibility also need specific development support. 

The HEC Paris program, Develop Yourself as a Leader, is designed to provide this support. It helps aspiring executives acquire a more in-depth understanding of their personal leadership skills, develop their ability to lead people and teams in complex environments, and foster a culture of learning and shared vision in order to manage change.

Over three days the program offers a comprehensive insight to leadership, from the big picture of organizational context to the specifics of deeper self-awareness and assessing your leadership style, goals and motivation.

“I learned so much in a very short period of time with a great mix of ingredients: the richness of the content, the cultural mix of participants and the quality of the coaches were absolutely outstanding...” said previous participant Prune Nouvion, Head of Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn, France.

In an increasingly complex business world disrupted by major organizational transformations, managers must be able to align themselves, their teams and their organizations in order to achieve high performance. Finding the development support to meet these challenges is key to taking leadership responsibility and getting to the top.

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