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Researching the Impact of Executive Programmes within the NHS

A long read from Aston Business School as they research and report on the impact of leadership development in the UK health and care services

Tuesday 15 December 2015


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IEDP releases a series of in-depth supplements between the quarterly publication of Developing Leaders. This issue, ‘In Search of Impact – Research on the Returns from Executive Programmes within the NHSis available for free as a PDF download at the foot of this page.

“Organisational culture matters in every sector, but in healthcare it is a matter of life and death – and the biggest determinant of organizational culture is the quality of its leadership.” 

The NHS North West Leadership Academy is a members-led NHS organisation that provides leadership development for the most senior leaders working in the NHS in the North West. The NHS NWLA commissioned research to evaluate the impact of their leadership development programmes, with the aim of demonstrating the value of their programme interventions, enabling participants and sponsors to understand which programmes and programme components have the potential to have the greatest impact, and how that impact can be measured.

“Like a sonar operator searching for a shipwreck fathoms down, NHS NWLA needed to identify and eliminate the factors which might interfere with the signals they required for a clear picture. However, once the research started, it was seen to be a more proactive process than just uncovering lurking data.”

Aston’s independent assessment provides important findings for those concerned with the executive leadership within the UK health and care services.

Aston Business School has completed three major pieces of work analysing the impact and effectiveness of NHS NWLA programmes and the story and the results of these projects can be read in full in this latest edition of Developing Leaders Extra available as a PDF by using the Download Resource button below.

Over 50 years of pioneering commitment to research, teaching and enterprise has made Aston internationally renowned for delivering local and global impact. We have a bold vision for collaboration with our clients, creating and sharing the vital knowledge that helps them tackle their most pressing real-world challenges.



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