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Schulich Mini-MBA offers a world-class fast track for transitioning to leadership


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Schulich Mini-MBA: Essentials of Management program provides a valuable alternative for time pressed managers unable to commit to a full MBA. Schulich School of Business, York University hosts a highly regarded full time MBA – ranked #1 in Canada by Forbes. The Mini-MBA run by Schulich Executive Education Center, leverages this capability to provide a leadership program that delivers current knowledge in the top 13 MBA subjects – from marketing to finance – in a practical time-frame suited to busy executives.

Most young executives start their careers in a functional role, largely detached from other functions and other parts of the organization. To transition into a senior leadership role, they need to see beyond their functional expertise and be able to confidently participate in decision making that involves all aspects of their organization’s activities.

Whereas learning on the job is an essential part of every career, aspiring leaders also need input from outside to help understand how other functional areas operate and how various functions integrate across the organization. They need to learn the basic principles of business administration before they can apply this knowledge in their own practical context.

The traditional MBA is the tried and tested route for acquiring the knowledge needed to embark on a business leadership career. But a traditional MBA is a two-year commitment if full time, maybe three years if part time. For many junior executives looking to accelerate their careers this is just not a viable option in terms of time and maybe also in terms of cost.

The Schulich Mini-MBA, which involves nine days on campus plus online components, offers executives the learning they need to raise their perspective beyond their functional role. Learning that helps clarify the purpose and intent of the different functional areas and how they fit together, providing them with the confidence to communicate with senior management and ultimately to contribute effectively to strategic decision making.

Designed as a technology-enhanced program, the Mini-MBA allows for highly interactive classroom experiences that are supplemented with video lectures and pre-session readings which participants do at their own pace, working directly with instructors from Schulich’s world-class MBA and EMBA faculty – consistently rated among the top in the world.

Based around the nine days, spread over three months, the key business areas covered are:

Critical Thinking for Leaders: Leadership skills to build strong commitment and consensus to actions.

Economic Environment of Business: Factors that affect supply and demand, the role of prices, product differentiation strategies and government policy impact.

Strategic Management: Economic principles of business strategy and an analytical framework for evaluating alternative strategies.

Marketing and Brand Strategy: Explore major marketing concepts and the role of marketing in the value creation process; The role of products, services and strategic branding in your marketing mix.

Managing New Technologies: Link business strategy to innovative new technologies in your industry.

Managerial Finance: Modern investment and financing including: asset valuation, capital budgeting, risk management and performance assessment.

Supply Chain Management: Develop a process view of operations and make key supply chain improvement decisions.

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility: Explore the social and ethical challenges facing contemporary


Essentials of Human Resource Management: Learn HR from a managerial standpoint with new perspectives on actively managing your own career.

Leading Change: Uncover the nature of change and how to overcome resistance to strategic change.

Business Negotiations: Learn, practise and refine negotiation skills.

Listen to comments by participants in the Schulich Mini-MBA program

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