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Performance Coaching Pays Off

How to create a culture that expects, enables, and nurtures effective coaching

Thursday 27 October 2016


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Effective coaching fully integrated within an organization’s culture can pay big dividends in terms of improved performance and organizational sustainability, according to a team including researchers from Vanderbilt Executive Development Institute, who have observed first-hand the enormous benefits through their ongoing research program. 

Although coaching is a critical leadership capacity, the researchers found too often that organizations do not fully understand the value of coaching and the benefits leaders can experience by doing it well, and furthermore too many leaders were unclear about the what was required of them to excel as coaches. The Vanderbilt team address these issues and provide valuable cases of effective coaching in action in their White Paper: Effective Coaching Pays Off.

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Performance coaching has evolved to be a key element of the leadership development mix. Historically having a coach was seen as a one-off solution to fix a problem, but today, as the very idea of leading people is changing with the democratization of work and the continued advance of digital technology, leaders in progressive organizations are building coaching into the heart of what they do day-to-day.  

As ‘command and control’ leadership norms have given way to more dispersed collaborative forms of leadership, organizations, more than ever before, rely on relationships to get things done. Coaching as a leadership capacity is important in that it is about relationship building and can replace the traditional default behaviours of the manager or supervisor (telling or not telling) the employee (who knows or doesn’t know) what to do, with a model for collaboration.

Organizations must create environments and provide catalysts that “make coaching an expectation and the nourishment to make it real,” say the researcher team. The question then which they address in the White Paper is “How do you create a culture that expects, enables, and nurtures becoming and being an effective coach?”

CLICK ON ‘DOWNLOAD THIS RESOURCE’ above to read the White Paper: Effective Coaching Pays Off

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