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New Year, New You?

David Pendleton proposes a New Year’s refresh focused on three leadership domains: strategic, operational and interpersonal

Friday 05 January 2018


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I am frequently asked to address the subject of leadership under new and current circumstances. Leadership in the financial crisis? Leadership under Brexit? Leadership of change? 

And my answer is typically the same: leadership is leadership whatever the circumstances. It does not change in its nature simply because the context changes. Indeed, one way in which leadership may differ from management, to the extent that a distinction is helpful, is that leadership acts to influence the context whereas management functions within a context.

Major differences in context may matter hugely and it is a potential problem that most current ideas of leadership have their origins in the 19th and 20th centuries when the world was pre-internet and a different place. The tides of history may be impossible to turn back however much we stand Canute-like and roar. Yet smaller variations are merely the stages on which our leadership drama has to play.

You can read more here about how to renew and refresh your commitments this year and also try David’s three-domain leadership model to improve your leadership in 2018.  


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