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Mastering the Last Mile - Enabling Behaviour Change

Dilip Soman examines the psychology of decision making

Tuesday 18 August 2015


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In this webinar from IEDP’s sister site Ideas for Leaders, Dilip Soman takes a dive into some of the key elements of how people make decisions, explaining “choice architecture” and the psychology around “choice, money and time” and looks at some prescriptions for how to master “the last mile” - the mile in which customers engage and choices lead to action.


This webinar was broadcast and recorded on 5 August. The recording lasts 47 minutes (approximately 25 minute talk + Q&A).


Read Dilip's recently published book: The Last Mile: Creating Social and Economic Value from Behavioral Insights, Dilip Soman, published by Rotman-UTP Publishing, ISBN 9781442650435


Rotman School of Management is Canada’s leading business school and has Canada’s largest group of management faculty. It is home to some of the most innovative research institutes in the world

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