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Mastering Sales Leadership

Schulich helps senior executives master the critical-thinking skills and strategies required at the forefront of sales leadership


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Any amount of corporate strategizing is time wasted if the company’s sales operations are not working to maximum efficiency and if its sales leaders are not provided with first-class leadership development. Sales teams occupy the front line of every business, their relationship with customers is central to its success, and their leadership is critical. Yet sales leadership is an area often overlooked by leadership development initiatives.

A senior sales leader must fully understand customer needs and attitudes and incorporate these into the sales team’s approach, he or she must build an effective team and maintain its focus and motivation, and must develop agile sales strategies that align with the company’s overall strategy. In a highly competitive, complex, and fast changing business environment this can be an extremely demanding role.

Schulich SEEC’s Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership offers important help. Aimed at senior sales executives, it is very much a leadership program in the context of sales. It explores the meaning of leadership of the sales function, the dynamics involved in creating high-performing teams, and the ways sales goals need to be aligned with overall company goals. It builds on the participants’ sales experience in 14 areas providing techniques, tools, technologies and best practices that will empower them to operate at the forefront of sales leadership.

In today’s often disrupted business environment, traditional approaches to sales management are increasingly ineffective. The Schulich program takes the premise that transforming organizational sales requires creating a culture of agility by aligning strategy, people and processes and that sales leaders need to develop strategies, aligned with corporate strategy, that cascade down to the tactical level in customer interactions. Furthermore, on the people management side, sales leaders must maximize team effectiveness through exemplary communication, coaching, recruitment and performance management.

In this video recent participants in the program highlight some of the key benefits of the Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership:

  • The program is delivered by instructors with real-life experience and relevant insights into the latest trends in sales leadership
  • Participants are not unique; they all face similar challenges and networking with peers across multiple industries and making meaningful corporate connections is a great benefit
  • The tools and techniques provided are practical and learning can be applied between program sessions to immediately improve a participant’s sales team and their organization’s conversion rate through the application of short- and long-term sales strategies
  • The program by showing participants where their organization are in the growth curve helps them reinvent themselves as effective sales professionals able to engage their team's interest in new and exciting ways

Based in Toronto, Canada, the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) is a world-leader in individual learning and corporate learning

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