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Mastering Marketing and Sales

Developing sales and marketing executives fit for the future


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Sustainable businesses need creativity, innovation, streamlined operations and above all the sales and marketing capacity to deliver their products and services to customers. Today the skills and strategies required to sell and market effectively are changing dramatically.

The traditional sales and marketing value chain is being transformed by digital technologies. The old linear route, where the marketer, the media publisher, the advertising agency, the travelling salesforce and the end customer had clearly defined roles is being disrupted. TV campaigns that promote brands to a mass audience leading to eventual transactions at a store are now only a part of a complex and rapidly evolving marketing ecosystem in which new combinations of technology, mobile interaction, and peer-to-peer social messaging are replacing traditional advertising and routes to market.

Furthermore, to stay ahead the effective sales and marketing teams today have to both think globally across cultural divides, and be able to leverage the proliferation of consumer data and customer analytics provided by ever more powerful digital technology. Companies need to ensure their sales and marketing executives are ready to succeed in this new environment.

Help is at hand from two renowned business schools, ESADE Business School and SDA Bocconi School of Management, in the form of their recently launched Executive Master in Marketing and Sales (EMMS). This 14-month degree program enables executives to learn at a distance, while they work, combined with seven face-to-face modules based in three of Europe’s most dynamic cities Barcelona, Milan and Madrid – three exciting, innovative centres of commerce, their flavour distinctly international, but with a touch of Mediterranean style.

EMMS is designed for executives with an international profile and a minimum of 4 years work experience, and offers participants:

Flexibility: Combine seven face-to-face modules with distance learning

Diversity: Shared experiences with executives from around the world

Career advancement: Help to accelerate their careers

Networking: Two worldwide and lifetime alumni networks

ESADE Business School, since its inception in 1958, is one of the world's most prestigious business schools, and has become a frame of reference in the world of executive training.

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