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Managing Risk and Performance

Schulich Masters Certificate focuses on balancing risk and reward to protect enterprise value


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As soon as you take your ‘performance’ car out of the slow-lane and into the fast you encounter risk. Similarly, in business it is easy enough to dawdle along but to get where a company needs to be – ahead of the competition and operating at peak performance – it needs to manage risk.

Risk comes in many forms and can appear unannounced from unexpected places – new disruptive competition, production failures, poor investment decisions, employee malpractice, cybercrime, and so on. However, risk cannot be avoided it can only be managed. For organizations to innovate and progress risk is a necessary hazard. To succeed and protect enterprise value, they must strike a balance between the risks involved and the rewards they hope to gain from any action taken.

Business leaders need to understand the changing nature of risk, be ready react to unsettling events, and develop an effective holistic approach, moving from managing risk implicitly to explicitly so that it can become more fully defined and better aligned with strategy and performance and become part of the organization’s culture. It is a lot easier and more cost effective to manage risks as they emerge than to try to fix them after the fact.

Schulich Executive Education Centre’s Masters Certificate in Risk Management and Business Performance, provides leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to evaluate the constantly changing dynamics of risk, respond with effective risk management, and create an organizational culture that ensures risk is managed on the front line.

Composed of three stand-alone certificates (all three leading to the Masters), the Masters Certificate in Risk Management and Business Performance is all about: meeting business performance goals by effectively managing the risks. Participants can choose from three certificate programs  and whether they attend a single certificate course or the full program, their risk management proficiency will improve.

Key Program Outcomes: • Become an expert in your organization at risk planning, implementation and reporting. • Evaluate your organization’s current state of risk management and make recommendations for improvement. • Learn how to prepare risk profiles and reports for senior management and the board. • Acquire enterprise risk management capabilities and techniques that improve your business performance.

Based in Toronto, Canada, the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) is a world-leader in individual learning and corporate learning

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