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Life Stories and Leadership

How we tell our life stories shows how we define ourselves as leaders


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Our life stories, including our failures, inform our leadership perspective and the language we use to tell our life stories shows how we define ourselves as leaders, argues Leigh Thompson in two insightful talks delivered as part of Kellogg Executive Education's ongoing SPARK lecture series.

Post-Traumatic Growth: Rising like a Phoenix
Embracing failure as opportunity for growth increases our capacity to take risks after a setback. Being open to these experiences helps us write the script for our resurgence.

The Language of our Stories
The words we use to tell our stories provide insight into how we define ourselves as leaders. The emotion of those words, the areas we focus on and the ratio of positive to negative words show where we source our energy.

About Leigh Thompson, J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolutions and Organizations


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