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Lessons in Recruiting Talent from the NFL

4 Ways to Leverage People Analytics in Your Organization – download a resource from Wharton based on a decade of research by Cade Massey

Wednesday 28 September 2016


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“The NFL draft, and the data surrounding the performance of players that were ultimately picked, offer a remarkable window into how high-stakes personnel decisions are made.” — Professor Cade Massey, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Any organization seeking to grow, innovate and stay ahead needs to attract top talent. But searching for, hiring and on-boarding new talent is a critical mission that many senior-level managers find difficult to execute with consistent results.

Nowhere is hiring talent more crucial than for top sports teams - so much so that in both the premier European soccer leagues and the US National Football League (NFL) hiring decisions make headline news.

A decade of research has led Cade Massey - Practice Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions at The Wharton School - to become a leader in the up-and-coming field of “people analytics” — putting hard data to work making human resource decisions once made on instinct alone.

Massey believes that the $10 billion a-year National Football League — where talent recruitment and retention takes place under the intense scrutiny of the national media — is proving to be the perfect learning lab for everything from evaluating and comparing top talent, to studying communication and man-management styles – and that the lessons are applicable whether it’s a pro football team or a team of software developers.

These guys run $120 million to $130 million payrolls,” he says, “and everything they do is observed and critiqued by millions of people, and this is where they have evolved — toward highly analytical evaluations of players in an effort to get it right. I think we can learn a lot from these organizations.

It’s a short hop,” Massey says, “from talking about the NFL draft to talking to the School of Management at Yale about their admissions policy, or to Google about their recruiting processes.

Wharton Professor Cade Massey has researched how data can lead to better decisions about talent in the NFL — but how does that translate to the corporate world, and how can it help executives working in talent development and human resources?

Download the resource including 4 Ways to Leverage the People Analytics in Your Organization – to find out.

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