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Bridging the Strategy/Performance Gap

Leadership development to bridge the strategy/performance gap - a new white paper from CCL.

Tuesday 16 August 2016


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In a recent White Paper CCL describe how, over the years, they have been asked many variations of the question: “If the strategy is so good why is the performance so bad.” A question that echoes Winston Churchill’s famous remark "However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." and speaks to the fact that effective strategy depends on people to execute it and crucially on effective leadership.

The CCL White Paper (available for download at the foot of this article) goes on to show that the key to improved performance, turning strategic intent into desired business results, is the recognition that formulating and executing a coherent business strategy is intrinsically linked to formulating and executing a robust leadership strategy. The business strategy sets the direction of the organizational journey and the leadership strategy acts as the human enabler to reach the organization’s full performance potential.

A new program from CCL - Leading Strategically - focuses on the critical need for developing strategic minded leaders able to:

Lead change. Strategic leaders foresee and drive changes that bring increased complexity and new tensions to the organization.

Shape culture. Strategic leaders influence culture and set leadership strategies to support the business strategy.

Leverage polarities. Strategic leaders address conflicting priorities and balance short-term and long-term pressures.

Span organizational boundaries. Strategic leaders facilitate interdependent decision making and collaboration.

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