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Leadership in a Digital Age

HEC’s Marc Beretta on how to equip leaders to be effective in a disrupted digital world


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Leadership in a Digital Age with Marc Beretta [WEBINAR] from Ideas for Leaders on Vimeo.

The world is changing, towards ever increasing levels of globalization and interconnection driven by digitization. This isn’t a scoop for younger generations since for them it is simply part of their everyday lives. This isn’t a scoop either for many start-ups, who design themselves around the unsatisfied needs of individuals or organizations.

On the other hand, it is a (r-)evolution for traditional businesses, since what may have brought them success yesterday could be their downfall tomorrow. In general, the business world owes itself to progress.

The world is changing, and so are leaders; the all-powerful leader, who dictates from his ivory tower is no more, or rather should not be; the risk of disconnection with today’s world is too great. The new digital age also impacts the behaviour needed to mobilize a team or influence stakeholders and the ability to listen and constantly question ideas are essential to adapt business models and approaches to the ever-changing environment.

About the speaker: Marc Beretta, Executive Coach (Inis alga), Academic  Director at HEC Paris for Executive Programs. Marc, who is Franco-Irish, started  his career managing people in finance before becoming a certified coach and an  international consultant and founder and CEO of Inis alga®. He also teaches on t  the TRIUM program (HEC Paris, London School of Economics, New York  University).

Being a leader in a digital world is the subject which Marc will address during this IEDP webinar.

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