Incubating innovation: the case for communities of practice
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Incubating innovation: the case for communities of practice

Practical new white paper suggests ways to energise, support and sustain Etienne Wenger's 'communities of practice' within your own organization

Friday 13 January 2017


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The white paper ‘Incubating Innovation: the case for communities of practice’ from Aston Business School’s Centre for Executive Development is an ideal introduction to the powerful theory of ‘communities of practice’ (as proposed by knowledge management expert Etienne Wenger) - as well as a practical guide to making them work for you.

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White paper includes: “Six principles for sharing knowledge to drive innovation”

Topic area background:
In the challenging and competitive business environment of today’s “knowledge economy”, innovation crucially depends on the strategic application of knowledge.

Success in this environment hinges on the capability to learn and apply new knowledge effectively to deliver tangible, measurable value and gain competitive advantage.

The source of such knowledge application is found in the people in and beyond the organisation; but how to maximise the value and impact of this embodied knowledge?

One proven solution is to treat knowledge sharing as a strategically important asset, where successfully realising its value involves:

  • Cultivating knowledge acquisition through communities of practice
  • Developing this knowledge through experiential learning
  • Harnessing the reflective application of knowledge to drive innovation.

This in turn relies on an organisation’s strategic approach to knowledge sharing and application as the main source of innovation and value.

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