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Improving Public Safety Management

Developing leadership in the organizations tasked with maintaining public safety


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Headlines about appalling terrorist attacks, threats to cyber security, illegal immigration, and natural disasters suggest it really is Apocalypse Now, and yet overall crime is down, life expectancy is up, technology is improving living standards and in many ways we are living in the best of times.

The horrific events in Paris confirm that concerns about public safety are very real and justified, however we need to ensure rather than overly focusing on the shocking headlines, we focus ever more on improving the management of the many organizations that are tasked with maintaining public safety.

RSM's Centre of Excellence in Public Safety Management has recently been established to take the leadership solutions applied so effectively within the private sector and apply them to improve the management of public safety, fostering professional and organizational development on an international level.

In a recent article in RSM Discovery, Professor Gabriele Jacobs, Director of the Centre highlights how public safety, once the province of law enforcement institutions, now involves a complex interplay between public, private and government bodies – and is fraught with communication, transparency, managerial and harmonisation problems. She then explains how private sector management practices and business school research can be applied to help. 

INSIDE RSM Discovery 23:

  • Public Safety from a Management Perspective - Rebecca Morris talks with Gabriele Jacobs and Saskia Bayerl
  • Consumer insights: think of yourself when buying for others - By Gabriele Paolacci
  • Handling threats to the validity of online data - By Petra Saskia Bayerl and Babak Akhgar

And much more...

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