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HR’s Brexit Dilemma [Webinar]

Watch a recording of this Financial Times|IE Corporate Learning Alliance webinar with Michael Skapinker to delve deeply into how HR and talent managers should be preparing for Brexit


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As Brexit draws nearer, its true consequences remain unclear. This presents a ‘live’ problem for HR leaders with myriad implications on talent management and L&D.

Should your organization wait and see or act now? And if act now – how?

Watch this timely and informative webinar to find out:

HR’s Brexit Dilemma - with Michael Skapinker from Ideas for Leaders on Vimeo.


In this webinar Michael Skapinker along with presenter Roddy Millar, Editorial Director of IEDP Developing Leaders, will discuss how HR can tackle both the strategic and practical challenges Brexit has presented.

  • How will issues such as freedom of movement impact business?
  • What can be done to continue to attract and retain EU staff?
  • Why HR needs to be involved at a strategic level around talent management.

About the Speaker

Michael Skapinker is an Associate Editor of the Financial Times and a columnist on business and society. He is also executive editor of FT│IE Corporate Learning Alliance.

Joining the FT in 1989 he received the Work Foundation Members’ Award for his contribution to the understanding of working life in 2003 and was named WorkWorld Media Awards Columnist of the Year in 2008. At the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards he was named Business Commentator of the Year (2012) and Business Ethics Commentator of the Year (2015).

Headspring was launched April 2019 as a continuation and development of the successful collaboration between the Financial Times and IE Business School, formerly known as FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance, an initiative created in 2015 to transform the way executive education and professional development meet the changing needs of business.

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