How to Navigate Office Politics
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How to Navigate Office Politics

Being politically savvy is an essential business skill

Friday 17 March 2017


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Endless elections and a Twitter obsessed US President may have put you off politics, and the term office politics with its negative connotations may be a turn-off too.

That would be a mistake. Politics are not good or bad: they are a fact of life and in business being politically savvy is an important skill. It helps build effective relationships and networks, strengthens professional reputations, and is crucial in helping executive progress in their careers.

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This White Paper from Vlerick Business School’s Professor Katleen De Stobbeleir and  Maaike van Ameijde provides valuable insight on how to strengthen political skills for yourself and your team, whether you are in a start-up or a global multi-national.

Some people thrive on office politics, but others struggle or see it as a necessary evil, and there are many talented people who simply refuse to ‘play the game’ – which can be detrimental both to their business performance and their careers.

If you are modest by nature navigating office politics can be a challenge, though conversely if you are too keen you can create the wrong impression too. According to the authors, the key is to be able to navigate the political landscape – “constructively whilst remaining true to your ‘authentic’ self, without getting caught up in power struggles or games.”

With practical advice on issues such as: thinking before you speak, ‘managing-up’, practising influence, honing powers of  perception, being sincere and learning to network – this valuable paper can help you and your team achieve your full potential at work.

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