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Harnessing Employee Knowledge

How digital technology can capture and broaden the knowledge and goodwill of employees

Sunday 09 October 2016


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Much of the excitement around digital technology has been about the market knowledge that can be harvested by ‘big data’ to support innovation. Yet the knowledge that resides within an organization – in the minds of its employees – may have even greater potential to achieve results and power future growth than the knowledge acquired by Big Data.

A recent White Paper from Michigan Ross professors Amy Young and Mary Hinesly looks at how digital technology can allow organizations to access their most valuable, but buried, resource – the knowledge in their employees’ minds.

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In this paper Young and Hinesly, along with Michael O’Brien of Star Performance Group, show how organizations can use digital technology to unlock and share the knowledge and goodwill of their employees – a use of digital technology that can achieve even greater results than other big data projects.

The approaches they recommend involve organizational as well as technical challenges and may require a cultural transformation to achieve ROI. The key to success is realizing that these approaches are “…a little bit about the technology and all about people.”

Organizations can gain value by linking corporate knowledge that has been digitized, such as electronic documents of operational procedures, reports, etc. Beyond this social networking platforms can foster employee communication and collaboration and in this way also harness employees’ goodwill “…which has the potential to start a contagion of positive energy and boost employee engagement and performance.”

Click Download this Resource to read the White Paper from Michigan Ross 

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