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Female millennial with ambition? Start planning for the top job now

Professor Sucheta Nadkarni of the Women's Leadership Initiative at Cambridge Judge Business School shares her insights and tips for female millennials with ambition


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Professor Nadkarni's insights and tips for female millennials with ambition:

  1. Recognise that gender equality is good for business
    Be confident and knowledgeable about the role gender diversity plays in making business function better, in attracting and understanding customers and ultimately, in improving the bottom line. Make sure you understand the role diversity plays in your organisation and what this means for the ‘bigger picture’. This could mean looking at your customer base and identifying what you can bring to better understand their needs; or it could mean assessing the balance on the board and the need for greater diversity of views and experience.

  2. Network, network, network
    Aside from the quality of your work, networking is the key for women looking to advance their careers. Young women entering the workforce should be thinking about their network from day one and for those already mid-way through their careers, there are multiple ways in which to help increase your reach; including joining industry networks and being an active participant within your professional communities.

  3. Invest in yourself
    Think of your career as a long-term project that needs frequent attention and long-term investments. The pace of change in the work place can be staggering so ensure that you keep learning and investing in yourself to ensure your skills are in demand. Maintain a long-term view on your career whilst ensuring you remain flexible enough to snap up opportunities as they arise. Be strategic about the projects and positions you pick and get involved in initiatives that expose you to new experiences and new people.

  4. Resilience and leadership
    Be confident in your achievements and your ability to lead. Whilst in the early stages of your career, make sure your leadership skills shine through in the projects you take on and deliver. Don’t be afraid to take risks and put yourself out there to be challenged by new experiences. This will build resilience and leadership skills early on which you’ll naturally begin to refine as you move through life and work.

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Sucheta is the Academic Programme Director for the Cambridge Rising Women Leaders programme, taking place on 23-24 March 2017, hosted and delivered by Cambridge Judge Business School. Find out more about the programme and its participants

You can also speak to Claire Wright, the Senior Programme Advisor, about how this programme will support your career development.

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