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‘Standing on the Teacher’s Desk’: A Profile of Professor Darren Dahl at UBC Sauder School of Business

Monday 28 November 2016


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An article in Developing Leaders Issue 24 looks at Professor Darren Dahl’s approach and style of teaching.

Great educators do not simply tell, they show. Through active, meaningful interactions with their students, combined with scholarship and peer review, the work of the best teachers shapes what is taught in classrooms around the world. An approachable iconoclast, Darren Dahl is at home in the international melting pot of the UBC Sauder campus. He holds his own among eminent and distinguished colleagues. In his work Dahl demonstrates the thinking through which he seeks to inspire his students, principally showing others how to nurture their own creativity as well as to recognise and reward it in others.

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Canada’s UBC Sauder Executive Education is located in the heart of Vancouver’s business district, known for its strong Pacific Rim connections, vibrant multiculturalism and spectacular natural environment surrounded by ocean and mountains.

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