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Executive Education: Best in Class in Europe

Winners of EFMD’s 2016 Excellence in Practice Awards (EiP)

Friday 24 June 2016


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EFMD has announced the winners of the 2016 Excellence in Practice Awards (EiP). These prestigious accolades are awarded each year to the best custom education programs run by organizations to develop their people and so business performance.

Jan Ginneberge, the head of the jury of EFMD’s EiP Awards told IEDP that this year’s submissions were indicating a healthy growth in the belief and quality of the programs organizations are running these days, and as a reflection of that, that they were making the final selection of winners extremely difficult.

In recent years the winners have been fairly evenly balanced between business schools and consultants, however this year the garlands have gone predominantly to the academic institutions – and we at IEDP are delighted to see – mainly to IEDP Partner Schools, reflecting the expertise and reputation of the high-end schools that IEDP focuses on working with.

There are four main categories within the awards – and EFMD has published the executive summaries of the submissions on their website – we provide the links below:



The Gold Award has been won by BG and Cranfield School of Management for their ‘Exploring Leadership’ program. The EFMD executive summary is available here (https://www.efmd.org/images/stories/efmd/EIP/2016/BGGroup-Cranfield-Exec_summary-EiP2016.pdf) and a more in depth piece on this program was also published (prior to the awards being announced) in IEDP’s Developing Leaders magazine last month. (See below to view this article).

Silver Award to Telstra and LIW (https://www.efmd.org/images/stories/efmd/EIP/2016/Telstra-LIW-Exec_Summary-EiP2016.pdf)



The Gold Award has been won by a consortium of providers led by NHS Leadership Academy and Alliance Manchester Business School. (https://www.efmd.org/images/stories/efmd/EIP/2016/NHS_Leadership_Academy_Alliance-ManchesterBS-Exec_Summary-EiP2016.pdf)



The Gold Award has been won by Swarovski and Ashridge Executive Education


Silver Award goes to Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation and Skolkovo School of Management (https://www.efmd.org/images/stories/efmd/EIP/2016/Rosatom-Skolkovo_Moscow_School_Managment-Exec-summary-EiP2016.pdf)



The Gold Award has been won by Microsoft and INSEAD (https://www.efmd.org/images/stories/efmd/EIP/2016/Microsoft_INSEAD-Exec_summary-EiP2016.pdf)

Silver Award goes to Agence de Medecine Preventative and Paris Dauphine Uninversite (https://www.efmd.org/images/stories/efmd/EIP/2016/AMP-ParisDauphine-Exec_Summary-EiP2016.pdf)


EFMD will be running webinars with the winning programs later in the year; and IEDP will feature some of these and the other best-in-class programs on the IEDP website in the coming months.

For those organizations and education providers interested in entering the 2017 competition, please contact Florence Gregoire for further details florence.gregoire@efmd.org .

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