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Disruptive Change and Workforce Strategy

Who's Afraid of Workforce Strategy? A White Paper from UNC Executive Development

Friday 11 March 2016


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“Turn and face the strange” David Bowie,'Changes'.

Facing up to change is difficult for individuals and can be unmanageable for organizations if not effectively planned for.

Today, more than ever, disruptive changes can render many of the skills and mindsets of a workforce incompatible with the demands of evolving markets and strategies. The gap between the quality of business strategy and the capability of the workforce is an important predictor for successful execution of strategy and achieving financial targets.

A recent white paper from UNC Executive Development provides a framework for how to create a ‘Workforce Strategy’ focused on developing the capability and culture required to quickly adapt the workforce to change.

What's Inside?

  • Defines workforce strategy and differentiates it from workforce planning;
  • Provides a ‘how to guide’ and tools for navigating the workforce strategy process;
  • Examines major workforce strategy challenges, such as communication, ownership, accountability, total buy-in, data, and metrics, and;
  • Provides current corporate examples of successful workforce strategy implementations and well-known examples of when there was no workforce strategy.


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