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Design Thinking for Corporate Learning

Applying ‘design thinking’ to your L&D practice: FREE WORKSHOP


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Design thinking is fast becoming an indispensable organizational discipline, able to help people develop creative ways to solve a broad range of business issues. A methodology used by architects and designers, and associated with business innovation, design thinking can be applied very effectively to corporate learning and development.

Register here for Cranfield’s free workshop: Applying Design Thinking Principles to your L&D Practice on 25 November REGISTRATION CLOSED

In a recent survey by Deloitte of global human capital trends, 84% of business leaders called for improved organizational learning as a top priority and 44% said it’s urgent. This comes at a time when transformative forces are reshaping the workplace and according to Deloitte “executives see a need to redesign the organization…  driving change for both HR functions and the organizations they serve.”

Across organizations the L&D challenges are radically different from those faced by previous generations of leaders. Consequently, the potential solutions may need to be radical too. Which is where design thinking can help – whether by introducing new innovations or by helping organizations totally rethink their corporate L&D.

Design thinking consists of several elements: exploring and reframing problems; asking ‘what if?’ questions; adopting a user-centred point of view; experimenting during the product/service development process; and tolerating ambiguity and failure.

The Cranfield workshop will look at how design thinking principles can help you achieve your L&D objectives. It will first consider examples of design thinking, and then apply these to your own context in order to identify how to develop innovative practices. The workshop is hosted by Cranfield's Centre for Customised Executive Development and Dr Pietro Micheli, Visiting Fellow, Cranfield School of Management.

Register here for Cranfield’s free workshop: Applying Design Thinking Principles to your L&D Practice on 25 November REGISTRATION CLOSED

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