Data-Driven Marketing Strategies
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Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

Leverage data analytics to win customers, keep them, and deliver a strong ROI

Wednesday 15 February 2017


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The Marketing Analytics Action Guide from Professors Raj Venkatesan and Paul Farris offers valuable practical advice on how to implement a data-driven marketing strategy.

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Successful marketing depends on consistently make good decisions about which customers to target, the level of resources to be allocated to the new and existing customers, and nurturing selected customers to increase future profitability.

In theory, the availability of more data and better analytic tools, brought by the digital revolution, should make this process easier. In practice, many marketers are overwhelmed by the potential and lack clear strategies to realise the promise of data driven marketing.

The Marketing Analytics Action Guide, from two professors at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, provides a clear step-by-step approach to leveraging big data and data analysis, enabling organizations to create their own analytics systems focused on customer behaviour and enabling marketing executives to:

  • Turn data into actionable marketing to win and keep customers
  • Use marketing analytics to understand what motivates customers to buy
  • Get smarter about what all the data numbers are saying
  • Use data analytics to optimize spending on each channel

Crucially, the Guide identifies the need to pay attention to customer ‘attitude’ as well as ‘behaviour’. Behaviour measures the past, whereas using data to understand attitudes is critical in formulating future relationship with customers.

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For over half a century, Darden Executive Education has served as a critical resource for businesses around the world, conveying the relevant strategies and specific business skills needed to formulate decisions, set action plans and apply sustainable options.

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