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Co-created Executive Education

EMLYON and Airbus collaborate with companies of all types to spread entrepreneurial spirit. Why not join them?

Sunday 18 December 2016


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The SWITCH Action Learning Program, run by EMLYON Business School and the Airbus Group Leadership University for the past 3 consecutive years, is about spreading entrepreneurial spirit and building an action learning ecosystem along with partner companies. Large companies, SMEs, start-ups, NGOs, from all different industries and sectors have benefited from the knowledge and experience of senior Airbus managers who have helped lead company or business unit transformation.

During the program partner companies invite senior managers from Airbus to share practices and jointly improve performance in a win-win dialogue and meeting of minds. After the partner company has defined a strategic issue (e.g. business model redefinition, scaling-up to reach global markets, innovation, etc.), a team of 5 Airbus senior managers and a project manager from the company come together to investigate, dialogue and share solutions.

Nothing proves the effectiveness of executive education so well as when a client returns for more. In the case of the SWITCH program at EMLYON Business School, Airbus has now committed to a minimum of a further 3 year engagement with the business school. The benefit of this long-term relationship is that in co-creating this innovative program the school and the client have been able refine and develop it with experience.

And now, in its 4th iteration, EMLYON proposes to push the SWITCH program even further in terms of pedagogical innovation.

More than 100 projects have already been realized by the team of managers from Airbus in more than 80 partner companies. Important achievements in terms of business transformation have resulted.

There is no charge for partner companies. But their participation in the program does require a strong motivation to commit to a cooperative pedagogical process, being open to new ideas, and willing to open doors and data (subject to signing an NDA). The process requires 4 half-days of face-to-face meetings over a 10 month period supported by additional virtual exchanges (project work).

The SWITCH program might be for your company if:

  • You are the manager of a company or a business unit and you would like to challenge your corporate strategy?
  • You do not have enough time to step back and think of new avenues for diversification?
  • You want to introduce a more innovation-based culture in your company?

If you or somebody in your organization would like to know more:


Or please contact Sidonie Chemla and Anaïs Soenen:

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emlyon business school offers more than just training. It’s become a school for transformation.

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