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Building Responsible Leaders

Watch the recording of Emerging World’s panel discussion webinar on how to develop resilient and responsible leaders


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Progressive companies are using Corporate International Service Learning as a way to develop leaders who are not only able to operate effectively in an ever more complex and volatile business world but can do so making a truly positive social impact.

Watch the webinar recording and view the presentation slides to find out how:


Building Responsible Leaders [WEBINAR] from Ideas for Leaders on Vimeo.

Join three leading experts to explore how Corporate International Service Learning (CISL), action learning programs take executives to developing economies to share their knowledge and skills and enhance their own leadership development skills and awareness:

  • Dr Karen Blakeley, director of the Centre for Responsible Learning at Winchester Business School and leadership consultant with the likes of British Airways, Barclays Bank, BG, Pizza Express, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Texaco and the UK government.
  • Matthew Farmer, Founder and Managing Director of Emerging World, that works with clients including Microsoft, EY and Credit Suisse on action learning in the development of responsible leadership.
  • Lutz Ziob, Dean of the 4Afrika Academy, part of Microsoft’s 4Afrika program through which the company actively engages in Africa’s economic development to improve its global competitiveness.

CISL programs are increasingly being used with significant impact in major global organizations to develop leaders and create business value at the same time as making a positive social impact. The 2017 CISL Study by Emerging World provides data and insights from 688 CISL program participants of six global organizations that demonstrates the impact of these programs.

This webinar by Emerging World will take a deep dive into the results of 2017 CISL Study revealing how this work builds enduring leadership capability and develops more responsible leaders while delivering a wider positive business and social impact.

The webinar is designed for those who have an interest in leadership development and learning outside of the classroom. You will learn more about the CISL Study and be given an opportunity to engage with this research more purposefully. Participants can expect to gain:

  • Greater understanding of the impact that CISL programs have on leadership development
  • learn how they help to create more responsible leaders
  • and hear from a global organisation with an established program.

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