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Building Innovative and Customer Centric Leaders

Owens Corning develop a custom program with UNC Executive Development

Thursday 12 November 2015


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When Owens Corning, leaders in the fibreglass technology, challenged themselves to become a "global company where market-leading businesses are built" they needed to transform from a company that was focused inwardly to one that is innovative and customer-centred. They identified four phases for this development:

1: Clarify Leadership Expectations. What is expected of senior leaders at Owens Corning.
2: Build New Leadership Capabilities. Develop the skills required for success.
3: Support the Change. Provide ongoing support to leaders to aid their transformation.
4: Measure the Results. How this initiative had a significant impact on the business.

To help on this journey, Owens Corning engaged with UNC Executive Development. The resulting collaboration provides an exemplary case study of a high-quality customized executive program and an invaluable benchmark for other companies.

Download the Owens Corning / UNC Executive Development Case Study HERE  


“Only those organizations that constantly challenge the relevance of what they already do, push themselves to discover new and different ways of doing things that they already do, and come up with new and different things to do will ultimately survive in this new, globally competitive market.” Sridhar Balasubramanian, Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean, at UNC Kenan Flager Business School.

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