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Being a Transforming Leader

Grounded and Conscious - The Foundation for Transformational Leadership  


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At a time when the world is disruptive, polarizing and accelerating, we need transformational leaders to navigate our future. Being Grounded is the foundation of transformational leadership. Building on this foundation, by moving from smart to Conscious, leaders can learn to adapt to change and to succeed.

In this recent webinar Dr Bob Rosen, Organizational Psychologist, CEO and Founder of Healthy Companies, and author of the New York Times bestseller ‘Grounded’, on 18th January, discusses the paradigm shift required to be a Transformational Leader. 

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Bob Rosen is a globally respected leadership researcher and consultant, and CEO of Healthy Companies Inc. He has interviewed large numbers of senior leaders in over 50 different countries over the course of two decades, many of which have been reported in the Leadeship Journeys series appearing in IEDP Developing Leaders. Recently these interviews have included Angela Ahrendts, then CEO of British fashion label Burberry and now with Apple; Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, the CEO of Lego ho has transformed the business; Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors.

Here he is in conversation with Roddy Millar of IEDP Developing Leaders.

This webinar was designed for aspiring leaders in organizations of all types and sizes and for anyone involved in developing leadership talent.

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