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A Virtual Centre for Leadership Research for the Middle East

Cambridge’s Judge Business School has just launched a new centre dedicated to researching the business environment and leadership challenges and opportunities facing Middle Eastern organizations.


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See a video of the launch below featuring keynote addresses by Professor Christoph Loch, Director of Cambridge Judge Business School, and Mr Tirad Mahmoud, CEO of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank; and a high-level panel discussions on: Challenges & Opportunities for Growth and Diversification of Businesses in the Middle East and Corporate Governance & Business Policy: Spurring Greater Private-sector Impact in the Middle East.

The new Middle East Leadership Research Centre (MELRC), launched under the patronage His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan Bin Mohammad Al-Qasimi, follows a recognition that existing research tends to focus largely on Western firms and industry environments, and has little to say about the many different business challenges facing Middle Eastern organizations.

The Centre will focus on business and economic research based on the region and therefore relevant to business leaders and policy makers in the area. A current lack of region-based research means that business and executive development have to-date relied too heavily on US, UK and European cases studies and examples of business practice, which often have little relevance to those leading Middle Eastern enterprises.

To correct this imbalance the MELRC aims to become a leading research centre for the study of Middle East-focused leadership and related management issues, and to apply this knowledge to the mutual benefit of Middle East organizations and Cambridge Judge Business School. Furthermore, the Centre will seek to gain a better understanding of the particular leadership issues that relate to organizations and businesses in the Middle East and in doing so, establish long-lasting relationships with GCC businesses and develop leadership stories inspired by the Islamic and Middle East culture. The main focus of will revolve round these key outcomes:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of particular leadership issues that relate to Middle East based organizations

  • Produce research outputs including research papers and case studies

  • Work collaboratively to establish long term relationships built on trust and respect

  • Work at a deep level to support the strategic goals of organizations

  • Development of specific Executive Education programs that relate to research projects undertaken

The Centre will mainly operate virtually, but with regular events and programs taking place in conjunction with partners based around the Middle East. It will build on an eight-year legacy of leadership and management development programs offered by Cambridge Judge Business School for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area-based organizations.


“We deliver executive education experiences to develop the skills and mindsets that push forward the boundaries of value creation.”

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