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6 Strategies for Digital Learning Success

CCL on how to deliver leadership-focused digital learning initiatives

Wednesday 13 July 2016


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Digital learning has the potential to drive digital transformation in organizations, by helping provide the skills needed to leverage new technologies and realise digital visions. It also has the potential both to spread learning deep into all levels of an organization and to enrich traditional executive education.

However, despite large sums being spent on complex learning management systems, a survey of 1,184 members of the UK’s Chartered Management Institute, in December 2015, suggested companies need to seriously rethink how they go about digital learning if it is to fulfil its potential.

Help is at hand in a recent White Paper from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), which explores strategies leaders can use to make digital learning initiatives more effective within their organizations, and shows how properly designed, delivered, and evaluated, digital learning initiatives can change a company’s culture, improve employee engagement, and increase retention.


The Institute’s report, ‘Learning to Lead: the digital potential’, revealed that:

  • 80% of managers feel their organization is failing to use digital to improve the quality of management development
  • 37% believe development is poorly aligned with their organization’s objectives
  • Attitudes to digital learning differ by gender. 29% agree that digital is the best way to develop managers – compared to 17% of women
  • Digital learning is not keeping up with the expectations of younger managers

According to CCL, as with any learning initiative, a leadership-focused digital learning initiative must begin with a clear strategy, proceed with well-planned tactics, and be built on a firm foundation – having taken time to get senior management’s crucial support.

To ensure sustained success it is also then important to connect learners with each other and with mentors, and to provide effective evaluation to confirm that development is progressing and that there is a measurable return on investment.

With 40 years’ experience developing leaders in diverse industries across the world, CCL are well placed to comment.

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