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August's Three Top Reads from getAbstract

Over 11,000 business books are published every year- an overwhelming choice for the busy professional impossible to take in. Therefore, in partnership with getAbstract IEDP brings you August’s top three business books recommended to our readers.

Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management: Using Al to Facilitate Organizational Development

Why you should read "Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management...": 

(Kogan Page, 2012) As anyone who has worked in a large enterprise knows, organizations often fail to acknowledge and leverage the human side in their change initiatives, and they struggle mightily as a result. Psychologists Sarah Lewis and Jonathan Passmore, and consultant Stefan Cantore offer an overview of a variety of conversation-based change management methods in use today, with a particular focus on “Appreciative Inquiry” (AI). Because people create and exist in organizations, these collectives suffer the same conflict, chaos and endless complexity that human beings do, so it makes sense to bring human sensibilities into the business world. Though AI may strike some as pop psychology, this manual shows how it’s already at work in major businesses worldwide and how it can help your organization. getAbstract recommends it to any leader, manager, coach or consultant interested in alternative approaches to change management.

About the Author: Sarah Lewis and Jonathan Passmore are occupational psychologists and consultants. Stefan Cantore is a consultant in leadership and organizational development.

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Risk Intelligence: How to Live with Uncertainty

Why you should read "Risk Intelligence...":

(Atlantic Books, 2012) Risk intelligence expert Dylan Evans takes readers out of the clear but false light of certainty and into the challenging shadows of uncertainty. He defines “risk intelligence,” discusses factors shaping your relationship to risk and knowledge, and walks you through the meaning of this information. The result is entertaining but it carries serious implications. If you work through the risk intelligence self-test Evans offers in the book and online to help you determine your “risk quotient,” you may be humbled. getAbstract recommends Evans’s instructive exploration to investors, strategists and anyone interested in being more self-aware or making better decisions.

About the Authors: Dylan Evans, who has a PhD in philosophy, founded Projection Point, a consultancy that specializes in “risk intelligence.” His books include Emotion: The Science of Sentiment.

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Breaking the Fear Barrier: How Fear Destroys Companies from the Inside Out and What to Do About It

Why you should read "Breaking the Fear Barrier...":

(Gallup Press, 2011) Fear rules the business world. Many employees are scared of losing their entitlements, such as status, power, money and influence. To preserve these assets, they create internal “barriers” that render their companies inefficient and unproductive. Tom Rieger – an organizational expert for the Gallup Inc. performance management consultancy – examines the destructive effect of fear within firms and discusses what executives can do to combat it. He finds that fearful people see working for their companies as akin to being in prison – hardly the setting for enthusiasm and productivity. Rieger offers pleasant, if bland, reading. He does a good job of explaining fear-based issues though you may wish he’d offered even more practical, how-to strategies for overcoming the problems he identifies. getAbstract recommends this thoughtful treatise to managers who want their employees to feel excited about their jobs, not afraid of them.

About the Author: Tom Rieger, a senior practice expert with the research-based consultantcy Gallup Inc., develops frameworks that apply behavioral economic principles to complex organizational problems.

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